Thanks for visiting "Book Buzz"--LRMS Library's website that is dedicated only to "book stuff."

This is the section of the website where I get to brag--about our amazing collection AND about our amazing students!

We have a truly outstanding collection (over 18,000 books) in all genres. And even more impressive is the fact that I have a hard time keeping these books on the shelves! Library circulation is at an all-time high, the library is always busy, kids are constantly buzzing about the books they're reading, and they are even taking the time to submit their own Book Buzz Book Reviews on our website. This means that LR students are true readers, and I simply could not be more proud!!!

Please take the time to explore this site--it's filled with slide shows of books, bibliographies and book lists in all genres, book reviews by students and even a few by me, book review podcasts and get the idea.




Library News


LR's Star Readers and Star Reviewers

The kids responsible for creating all the "book buzz!"


"What Should I Read Next?"

Pages to help you choose the next book to read (includes bibliographies, slide shows, and lists of books in all genres)


"Book Buzz" Student & Teacher Book Reviews

Click here to hear what your classmates have to say about the books they've been reading.
Do you want your photo, voice, or video posted here? Then simply read a book and complete an online book review. Just go to our school homepage, click "Online Book Review" at the left, fill in the blanks, and click "submit." It's that simple!


Ms. T's Book Reviews

Click here to hear about some of the great books that I've read lately. Some of my reviews are mini-booktalks, some are written reviews, and there are even some "movies" or "book trailers" designed to advertise certain books that I really liked.


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