What IS Powtoon?powtoon3.jpg

It's a NEW, fancy, and free way to present info or share ideas.
It allows you to create animated videos with tons of features like music, voiceover, animations, motion, and images in a "cartoon style."

Online Tutorials

Project Introduction

Student Tasks
Your jobs are:
  1. To use the docs posted on this page, library books, and websites posted here to gather facts and images on specified subtopics related to the 1950s;
  2. Apply these facts to the creation of an informative and creative paragraph as well as a Powtoon presentation to teach the class about these topics;
  3. Work COLLABORATIVELY to gather and paraphrase information, collect visuals, and create an original, creative, and informative teaching tool.

Your finished movie should be:
1. INFORMATIVE: factual, interesting, visual.
  • Pretend that you are a teacher providing an overview of your topic to students who have never learned about it before. The format of the movie should be similar in structure to an essay--it should have a "hook" or introduction, lots of supporting details, and a good summary.
2. CREATIVE: photos, voice, music
  • Use all of the features of Powtoon to enhance your walking tour. Use photos that will be clearly visible on the big screen. Use your voice to show expression and tone. Add a soft musical background to enhance the entire movie.

  • Project Intro.
  • Choose partner
  • Begin notetaking using print and online resources provided.
  • Finish notetaking.
  • Powtoon demo
  • Prepare all aspects of Powtoon:
    • title slide, at least 3 slides with supporting details, conclusion slide with a collage of photos, videos, etc.
  • Present finished movies to the class!


Notetaking Sheets


Lorraine Hansberry
Langston Hughes
Brown vs. Board of Ed.
Plessy vs. Ferguson
Jim Crow Laws
Poll Taxes or Literacy Tests
Growth of Suburbs: Levittown
Compare Cost of Living in the 1950s and Today

Evaluation & How to Get an "A"

  • Be on time, and work diligently for the entire period.
  • Use only websites posted to this class page. This will save you time in the long run.
  • Paraphrase the information you find.
  • Make sure all responses are accurate and error-free.
  • Use all available features of Powtoon to make your "lesson" not only informative, but creative and colorful as well.
  • Ask questions whenever you get stuck!